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* 3rd party credit card processing

* Here we need to have a basic understanding of what is Third party credit card processing and what it implies. Why do we need these third parties? We all know that a key to online business and e trade or ecommerce is accepting cards as a mode of payment. Without this it is very difficult to conduct online trade successfully. Let us understand the basic concept of how these cards are accepted in online trade.

In order to accept various credit or debit cards which can be visa, master, diners club, etc one needs to have the software which enables you to accept cards. These are software's or e solutions for the traders provided by various merchant account providers. This software is called a merchant account. This merchant account can be established by the merchant account provider and here you can directly accept payments through credit or debit cards. A payment gateway is required which processes payment and checks the limit or credit available for the customer. However owning a merchant account is an expensive affair and requires a lot of research, time and energy. One needs to select the right merchant account provider.

If one wants to avoid getting into the hassle of merchant accounts, there is a solution. This is where third party credit card processing companies comes into the picture. It is one of the most hassle free and convenient ways of conducting business on the net. Here, the expenses involved are also less. The third party credit card processing company is, as the name suggests the company which actually accepts online payment on your behalf. You don't need to have a merchant account or any expensive software in order to accept online card payment. The third party company does it on your behalf. They charge a rate on every transaction. However, here you have to pay out of a successful sale where income is definite. But in case of merchant account, one needs to pay for various monthly fees like the processing fee, transaction fee, gateway charges, etc. When a third party credit card processing company is involved who accepts payment on your behalf, you save out on a lot of the above and pay per transaction on every sale. There are various third party credit card processing companies available who are eager to provide you with these services.

However there are various factors involved on the basis of which it can be decided on what is more profitable, owning your own merchant account or using services of a third party credit card processing company. It is a never ending debate and depends on company to company on the basis of their needs and requirements.

Hence it can be concluded that third party credit card processing company enables one to accept credit card payments online without having your own merchant account. It is best for those who cannot immediately afford to invest in a merchant account.