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Online Protection
About CSI takes online security very seriously. Below are some examples of the ways we protect your account online.
Self-Selected User ID and Password
When you sign up to manage your account online, About CSI lets you create your own User ID and password to access your account. This information is encrypted during transmission using 128-bit encryption technology.
Secure Website for Servicing Your Account
About CSI uses 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology. This means that when you are on our secured website the data transferred between About CSI and you is encrypted and cannot be viewed by any other party.
Automatic Time-Outs
When managing your About CSI account online, your session will automatically end if you do not perform any transactions for 10 minutes. To continue using the online system, you will need to re-enter your User ID and password.
Remember Me
Have the About CSI website remember your User ID on your computer, so when you return your User ID will automatically be entered into the sign in box. A fraudulent website (spoof site) will not be able to display your User ID; this lets you know you are not on the genuine About CSI website. Note: You should not use the "Remember Me" functionality on a public or shared computer, for example, at a public library.
E-mail Confirmation of Password Recovery
About CSI will send you an e-mail confirmation when you recover your Password to access your accounts.
Personal Security Key
The Personal Security Key is one of several authentication measures we utilize to ensure we are conducting business with you, and only you, when you contact us for assistance. To set up or change your Personal Security Key, simply call us at 1-888-654-0019.