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* Selecting the Right Payment Processing Method

* Without a proper payment processing, your website might as well be a mail order catalog. For the entrepreneurs who do their business online, an efficient method of handling their payment process is of equivalent importance. If you are setting up an online business, finding the right kind of payment processing method should be a top priority -- the right one can minimize costs, reduce the risk of fraud, and create repeat business.

Making a Wise Choice
Selecting the right payment solution for your online sales can make a big difference to your profit margin and to your company's image. There are various methods available that cater to different types of consumers, businesses, and processes, and the savvy business planner must make careful considerations before selecting the right solutions provider.

Online Check Processing Speeds up Payment
By now, you are probably thinking that there must be a more economical way of accepting customers' money than through credit card transactions. Online check processing eliminates the feeling of concern that merchants get every time someone pays with a check. When customers want to pay with a check, you can now gladly accept it, knowing that it is secured by funds, because you authenticate it right then and there. Before you give them the merchandise, and before they leave the store. However, you have more choices than ever, and if you choose wisely, you will not only decrease the risk of fraud, rather you will attract new customers and create return buyers.

Accepting Both Credit and E Checks as Internet Payment
Only accepting credit cards, however, has led to the alienation of a large customer base: check writers. Indeed, you can accept those old-fashioned personal checks now known as e-checks from your customers, because most online payment-processing systems will give you that possibility.

Real Time Payment Processing
An interesting and faster alternative to regular checks is real time payment processing system. By utilizing a real-time payment processing method, the merchant eliminates the need to manually key-enter transactions on the client end and reconcile any payments declined at the point of sale.

When you get right down to it, failing to accept plastic as well as newer alternatives such as eChecks will discourage customers and take a bigger gouge out of your bottom line than shouldering the cost and risk of managing credit card payments.

To the customer, there must be a variety of payment options available. If you cannot cater to their preferred method of payment, then you will be losing a potentially lucrative transaction.