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* Internet payment system

* The Internet has taken its place beside the telephone and television as an important part of people's lives. Consumers use the Internet to shop, bank and invest online. Most consumers use credit or debit cards to pay for online purchases, but other payment methods, like "e-wallets," are becoming more common.

Most Internet shoppers use credit cards to make payment for their Internet purchases. But debit cards - which authorize merchants to debit your bank account electronically - are increasing in use. Other Internet payment systems - sometimes referred to as "electronic money" or "e-money" - also are now common. Their goal is to make purchasing simpler.

Some Internet-based payment usystems allow value to be transmitted through computers, sometimes called "e-wallets." Yo can use "e-wallets" to make "micropayments" - very small online or offline payments for things like a magazine or fast food. When you buy something using your e-wallet, the balance on your online account decreases by that amount. "E-wallets" may work by using some form of stored value or by automatically accessing an account you've set up through a computer system connected to your credit or debit card account.

Whatever Internet payment System you choose take steps to make sure your transactions are secure and your customer personal information is protected. Although you can't control fraud or deception on the Internet, you can take action to recognize it, avoid it. At Aboutcsi we offer merchants tips that help them reduce fraud and provide them with most secured Internet Payment System. Secure Payment System enables merchants to process transactions securely over the Internet. Our secure internet payment system and sophisticated encryption technology make online payment fraud increasingly difficult.