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First Data Independent Sales
* Instant Merchant Accounts

* Extend your commerce online today and watch your sales grow immediately!!!
If you do not want to lose as much as 40% of your sales, you have to accept credit cards online. Start exploring the virtues of credit cards by acquiring Instant Merchant Account. The result of this progression is the ever increasing opportunity for suppliers to connect with a larger pool of consumers. With the option of instant merchant accounts, you can accept credit card payments within minutes.

Start Getting Money with Instant Merchant Accounts
The gold rush of e-commerce has spawned hordes of pick-and-shovel peddlers. When you take advantage of instant merchant accounts, you can take care of speedy approval, efficient order processing, inventory records, and error-free customer handling. When setting up a conventional merchant account, there are quite a few requirements that must be met prior to the issuance of an instant merchant account.

Visa and Master Card Merchant Accounts for Smaller Businesses
Getting an internet merchant account with Visa or MasterCard, retailers know that they must accept them, since they are the currency with which nearly everyone makes their purchases. So make no delay and take advantages of online payment processing and billing instantly. By leveraging the wide variety of payment solutions along with internal infrastructure, your business will be poised and ready to conduct commerce anywhere at anytime.

What You Get

  • Instant Merchant Account for Immediate Transaction.
  • Secure, Encrypted, SSL Payment Gateway.
  • Set up with all Major Credit Cards and much more!
Accessing as large a customer base as possible is what all retailers want to do. Once you have achieved the perfect payment processing set up, you just have to sit back and take care of soaring customer demands!!!