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* Requirements for Getting an Internet Merchant Account

* For businesses to successfully sell over the Internet, it must be able to successfully process customer payments quickly and securely. To accept credit or debit card payments directly online, you will have to set up an Internet Merchant Account.

Applying For a Merchant Account
When applying for Internet Merchant Account, the big question is--which merchant processor to select? And how can you tell whether the merchant account proposals you are getting are really; a good deal or not? MAPs require vendors to meet certain requirements for opening an account, requirements that are often particularly strict for e-commerce businesses. When applying for a merchant account the bank will want to know certain details about you and your business.

Length of time in business: Your length of time in business matters because merchant account providers want an assurance that you understand the business environment in which you operate, can identify the potential risks you face, know how to prevent or reduce fraud, and understand how to manage credit card acceptance. In general, the riskier the provider deems your business, the more difficult it will be to open an account and set up your Web site for e-commerce.

Type of business: A retail storefront is generally considered less risky than sales of intangible products such as e-zine subscriptions or MOTO. Because there is increased risk for charge backs and fraud with MOTO accounts, merchant account providers always charge the merchant higher rates and fees for high risk business.

Credit history: Your credit report will show how well you have repaid past loans, and if you have had any liens or bankruptcies filed against you. Credit history takes on added importance with time. A favorable credit history will go a long way toward establishing your credibility as a prospective merchant.

Location: Complete detail of your business location.

Bundling It Together
Businesses of all sizes need, among many other things, flexible payment technologies with specialty features and services. Many MAPs require only the minimum to acquire a merchant account. Not only do we offer some compelling technological advantages, we also provide personal care for the unique needs of our merchant customers.