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* Accept credit cards on your website

* If your are thinking of selling things on the web, you should consider some way in which you can accept credit cards on your web site.

Today consumers have the utmost convenience of buying goods and services via the net on a web site from the comforts of their offices or homes. Consumers are becoming more and more comfortable with online purchasing and want to pay with a credit card because it's fast, convenient, and safer than ever before.

Credit card acceptance is now so widespread online that you will lose customers to your competitors if you cannot accept payments directly through your site.

Credit card payments on a web site allow you to take advantage of impulse buyers. They have means of making a purchase immediately, and prefer to make payments online with their credit cards.

First Data Independent Sales provides Internet merchant account and payment gateway package available that will enable you to process credit card transactions in real time on your website. You do not need to host your site with us to use this Internet merchant account and gateway package. It can be integrated with any website as long as the website includes a shopping cart.

Credit card payment is a tremendous convenience if your customers are overseas. It automatically takes care of the problems of currency differences as well as the time it takes for a cheque to travel to the vendor. You will lose a large number of overseas customers if cheque payment is the only way you can accept payment.