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* Credit Card Processing

* Whether you are starting a new business or looking forward to expand the existing one, First Data Independent Sales (FDIS) can increase your payment options. You can now process all card payments without an iota of doubt or worry!

Did you know merchants who accept credit cards and ATM/debit cards as well as check payments enjoy greater sales than those who do not? Call us to become our online member. Upon becoming a member you will have massive benefits coming across your way.

Acceptance of cards will only encourage and stimulate customer impulse buying which can help your business grow!

Did you know that you have hit a jackpot by getting our membership? Your business will set to grow further because as we help you realize customer payments, there are chances of impulse-buying! After all we serve nearly 170,000 traditional and Internet business today.

It’s easy and, of all, hassle-free! It will not only help prevent fraud, but also ensure loss prevention and handle charge-backs and retrievals. You can depend on our service for the simple fact that we have one of the best and secure online gateway systems that traders would only lap it up rather than forego our association! Call us for more details.

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